Lower your blood pressure naturally

  • If high blood pressure is caused by eating untimely food or refrigerated food, then dry ginger can help.
  • If it is due to intake of junk food, then try herbs like Malabar nut (vasa), silk cotton tree (Katankari) or green potato (Parol).
  • If it is the result of stress, anxiety and intake of alcohol or acidic food, then sandalwood, lotus, and Shatavari can be of help.
  • Panchakarma or the set of 5 therapies also helps in clearing toxins from the body and thus reducing blood pressure.
  • Milk preparation with garlic, moringa (drumstick) leaf juice with honey, a combination of amla and gokshura, arjuna bark powder decoction or milk preparation, Sarpagandha preparations and Brahmi and Giloy Shankapushpi helps to control high blood pressure.
  • Avoid excessively spicy, sour and salty foods like chilies and papad, garam masala as it elevates body temperature and inturn raises blood pressure.
  • Foods with preservatives like ready-to-eat preparations and pickles, breads and flour (maida) products, untimely food habits, excess eating after sunset and refrigerated food items also raises the blood pressure of the body.
  • Add foods like moong, wheat, fruits like pomegranate and amla, garlic, ghee and milk to your diet. Eat only fresh, warm food and avoid binge-eating. Follow the seasonal regime and adopt food habits accordingly. Have an early dinner and include sweet, astringent and bitter foods as they clear pitta and reduce blood impurities.
  • A fat and oil-free diet is also recommended as it aggravates vata and kapha qualities in the body.
  • Drink adequate amount of water at specified intervals. Include more greens in the diet. Consume more of carrots, flaxseeds, tomatoes, drumsticks, pomegranates, sesame, wheat bran and ginger, beetroot, red cabbage, watermelon and apple.
  • Certain yogasanas that can help you beat hypertension are Pranayam, Shavasan, Anulom-vilomma, Mayurasan, Shirshasan, Veerbhadrasan, Bhujangasana, and Vajrasana. “
  • Pranayam and meditation play a major role in managing hypertension. Simple meditation like Kevala Kumbhaka or breath awareness meditation will also help reduce high BP
  • Avoid staying awake at night or sleeping immediately after meals, having late-night meals and bingeing, consumption of alcohol, smoking, or tobacco, getting angry or anxious, excessive exercise or excessive physical activity.
  • Wake up before sunrise, drinking 2-4 glasses of water at room temperature, gargle with sesame oil, morning yoga/exercise and meditation.

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