Keep monsoons diseases at bay with Ayurveda

Monsoons are here and so are a whole lot of rain diseases that is sure to cause havoc if not managed well. Considering this, the Department of Indian Systems of Medicine has suggested various preventive measures to keep all fit during this time of the year.

The activities that are planned are as follows:-

  • Distribution of medicines which are to be given away at medical camps for prevention and treatment of diseases
  • Medicine distribution through 100 government Ayurveda dispensaries and hospitals
  • Organising awareness programmes, medical camps at panchayath level
  • Setting up fever clinics at all hospitals and dispensaries under the department
  • Distribution of ‘ Aparajitha dhoopa choornam’ for mosquito control
  • Observation of ‘Dry Day’ every week to keep the surroundings clean

Prevention according to Ayurveda

  • Consume only warm food items. Include ingrediants like dry ginger, pepper and long pepper (thippali) which enable quick digestion in dishes
  • Take head bath everyday after applying oil on the crown of the head. Meanwhile, on the body, gingelly oil, coconut oil, ‘Dhawantharam kuzhambu’ or ‘Sahacharadi kuzhambu’ can be applied. To wash the head, cool water can be used. For the body, warm water is ideal.
  • Exercise regularly. Engage in strenuous physical activity. Yoga and pranayama can also be practiced.
  • To wash the hands and feet, use water that is boiled with neem and raw turmeric.
  • If there is fever, cold or cough the following remedy can be tried. Take dried ginger, pepper, long pepper, Justicia adhatoda (adalodakom), Andrographis paniculata (kiriyath), Tinospora cordifolia (chittamruthu), sacred basil, nut grass (muthanga) and parpataka grass. Mix them together. Take 30 gms of this mixture in 4 glass water and heat. Boil it down to one glass. Consume the preparation two or three times a day.
  • Ayurveda also suggests a method to make the air free of germs and keep mosquitoes away. Burn any of the following items which are available to produce smoke: mustard seeds, neem leaves, frankincence (kunthirikkam), Commiphora wightii (guggulu), sweet flag (vayambu), sal (chenjalyam), covering of garlic or chaste (karinochi). This fumigation has to be done twice daily, in the morning and evening. Instead of these items, the Ayurvedic preparation ‘Aparajita choornam’ can alos be used. To eradicate mosquitoes, a mixture of tobacco extract and soap solution is adequate.

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