How does ayurveda help in the management of Chikungunya Arthritis?

Monsoons are here and so are a host of water-borne diseases. Stagnant water is seen everywhere and mosquitoes find them as the apt place to breed and lay eggs. These mosquitoes are the reason for many of the communicable diseases caused during this season. Chikungunya is one such disease. It is a viral infection that is transmitted by infected aedes aegypti mosquito. This mosquito lies & lays eggs in stagnated water. A small bite from such a mosquito is sufficient for the infection of chikungunya. Symptoms of chikungunya appears after 3 to 4days of infection.

The most common symptoms of chikungunya are fever and joint pain. Other symptoms may include headache, muscle pain, joint swelling, or rash.

Ayurvedic medicines like shallaki, Guduchi, Rasna, Guggulu medicines are very much effective in controlling the arthritis and joint pain caused by Chikungunya. Below are some prescriptions that can provide great relief for Chikungunya Arthritis.

1. For instant relief from joint pain, do hot sand fomentation. Take sand on a pan & heat on stove. Then cover hot sand in thick cloth and apply on affected joints, keep it moving to avoid over heat. This sand pottali swedana (fomentation) will decrease pain & stiffness of joint instantly. Do this for 10 to 15 minutes daily. Then you can apply ayurvedic oil to reduce inflammation & pain.

 2. 1teaspoonon turmeric + 1 cup cow milk boil them & then drink every evening. Turmeric is proven drug which reduces IL6, IL17 and TNF-alpha, and other inflammatory particles, thereby efficiently reduces pain and swelling.

3. Guduchi ( tinospora cordifolia) powder Tea-

Take 1 tea spoon of Guduchi powder in vessel, then add 2 cup of water in it, allow it to boil on gas stove. Turn off gas when half cup of water remains. Filter this herbal tea by cloth & drink two times daily on empty stomach. Guduchi is best immune modulator & gives strength to the joint structures, also reduces pain & swelling.

4. There are other several effective and clinically tried herbs are available, like Shallaki, Rasna, Tinospora- guduchi, Chirayata, Andrographis panniculata, Neem, guggulu medicines etc. but they must be taken only after being evaluated by an expert Ayurveda Physician.

Dr. Yogesh Chavan


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