Herbs that heal

Purifying herb

Latin Name – Zingiber officinale Sanskrit name – Sunti (dry ginger), Ardraka (fresh ginger). It is also called mahoushadham and.....
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Realise the real

Ensure you select the right place to experience the bliss of Ayurveda. Or, you will regret forever.Awareness on what is.....
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Wild wonder

Botanical name: Family: Liliaceae Names in other languages: Wild asparagus (English), Satavari, Abhiru (Sanskrit), Satavari (Malayalam). Wouldn’t it be great.....
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Indian Gooseberry

“Words of the elders and matured gooseberry are bitter first but sweet later” has been a popular proverb in Kerala,.....
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Use bits with visuals

Backache Make a paste of ginger, and apply to the affected area. Massaging with eucalyptus oil is very effective. You.....
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