Heal Damaged Relationships

“I don’t think it is possible for me to live with her again. She does not have any thought that I’m the husband and behave to me like I’m just another person. How can we heal the damage caused in our relationship. What can be done?”

“Sir, I have distanced myself from my husband very much mentally. He behaves to me in a manner as though he has some revenge against me. Once upon a time I liked him very much. But now, mentally we are in two corners.”

“Me and my friend had a lot of dreams when we started this business. Initially there was no problem. Slowly, I started noticing changes in his behavior. I lost trust with him in money matters. He started avoiding and started making moves to put the company in his and his wife’s name. I did not feel like backing off because I spent so much money in this venture. But my mind is already distanced from the venture now. There is no hope that an institution will survive if the people who pool money do have the same thoughts”.

We were chunks and very good friends. This relationship soon grew into love. I understood that I cannot live without her. I started using my salary for all her needs. Finally, I never used to have enough money to send back home. But, now I feel that she is avoiding me. I doubt if she is cheating me. Hatred is slowly building in my mind. I do not know what to do”.

It is only natural that you feel that some of the above incidents happened sometime in your life. These are incidents shared by people who loved each other deeply and were not able to get away from each other. These are the lives people who were totally in love and were cheated because of which their life itself turned topsy turvy. We can find many such people around us. Many such people live under one roof. They may be husband-wife, parents-children, siblings and many more.

Problem lies in words and actions.

There are many reasons as to why a relationship breaks. The main reason lies in the problem of the short-comings in words and actions. Talking without understanding, behaving as if to kill the other, neglecting, cheating, blaming and sharp words are some of the most common problems in damaging relationships. If two people in a strong relationship breaks up, it will cause a great deal of pain for both the parties involved. But, if atleast one person has taken efforts to bridge the relationship but still not succeeded in it, these people feel more pain and live in this pain for the rest of their lives. This pain will cause distancing in the relationship and will lead to a blame game which finally results in damages in relationship, marriages and businesses.

Can join them together like earlier

In case a tyre gets a hole due to the piercing of a nail it is only natural that air will escape from it. So immediate action has to be taken to cover it up. Nobody will refuse the tyre just because it has a small hole in it. What we will do is to cover up the hole and fill the tube with air once again so that the vehicle will move smoothly. If we can repair the hole in a tyre we can do the same in our lives too. For this, first we need to identify the hole in the tyre. This can be found correctly by dipping the tyre in water. In the same manner in relationships too, we need to find out and understand the reason for the wound in the relationship for which a self-examination is necessary. We need to find out the hole through which the damage happened or through which love escaped. We need to take the initiative to mend our broken relationship. We should go ahead with our relationship by mending them rather than keeping them aside to rot.

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