Tips to beat the summer heat

Summer is out there and the scorching heat of the sun is often getting unbearable. To keep ourselves hale, hearty and healthy this summer we need to adopt certain healthy tips to prevent us from adversities of its exceptional heat. From the government side too much is being done to educate the public on how to handle this summer and its strong heat.

It is predicted by most meteorological agencies in the country that the summer this year will be more hotter and severe than usual. The government has sent out a notice advising all field workers to avoid working from 12 pm to 3 pm. This decision has been made considering the intensity of the sun’s heat. The government has also advised people to stay alert because of the unusually hot climate this year. It has advised citizens to drink lots of water; use umbrellas or caps while walking outside in the sun; wear loose breathable, cotton clothes; avoid having spicy, hot foods; avoid having garlic, shallots, red chilly, pepper, pickles completely; add more fruits in the diet; avoid deep fried food items; while cooking non-vegetarian foods, make sure to add a lot of vegetables to it; it is good to restrict to a vegetarian diet during this season.

The intense heat rays of the sun can cause weakness, giddy feelings, yellowishness of the eyes, bleeding from the nose and lesions in the skin.

Children, sick people, pregnant mothers, menstruating women and old people should take proper care during this summer as they might not be able to bear this severe heat.

Natural drinking water is advised during this season although this is not easily available. Drinking clean, mineral water is advised although cleanliness of the water cannot be measured by just understanding if it is not smelly or not clear. Some water maybe contaminated with chemicals and microorganisms that cannot be detected by the human eye. Therefore, it is best not to try one’s luck with such waters. It is always advised to drink water that is boiled and cooled. Avoid street foods and drinks at all cost. While travelling always carry your own drinking water. In this way you can avoid diseases like yellow fever and diarrhea.

Make sure that you don’t sweat profusely during workouts as it can leave us in dangerous situations. A remedy for this is to have lime water with salt, salted buttermilk, kanji water with salt and fruit juices. This can easily hydrate the body. But, one should avoid cold juices, colas and ice creams. All kinds of alcoholic drinks should be avoided during this season.

Thus, live life according to the climate. Taking care of your health is more important than taking medications.

-Vd. M Prasad MD(Ayu.)


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