Food Court

Meat Not Taboo

The daśa vidha pareeksha (ten-point examination) and ashta sthāna pareeksha (eight-point examination)* help a doctor in assessing the physiological and.....
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The Super fruit

Guava (Psidium guajava) Family: Myrtaceae Genus: Psidium Species: guajava Common names: Guava, goiaba, djambu, perala, kuawa, abas, jambu batu, pichi,.....
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You are what you Digest

‘Mādhava Nidāna,’ (first among the lesser triad of Ayurvedic literature), says thus: Anātmavantah pashuvad bhunjate yo apramānatah Rogāneekshya te moolam.....
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All are well who eat well

Health and happiness are the tantalizing dreams of all people. Most people, however, don’t know the routes to realize those.....
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Restrict (food) ailments

Knowing what not to eat is more important than knowing what to eat. In this series aimed at creating an.....
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Fitness fruit

A laxative and rejuvenator,papaya is a storehouse of vital nutrients and fights ageing. A palate cleanser, a refresher, a healthy.....
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