Fight monsoon infections with Kadha

Monsoon is back with all its fury in most parts of our country and it has brought along with it the grueling humidity. Humidity means it is a time for all kinds of infections like cold and fever that are bound to make one suffer. This is more due to the weakened immunity of the body that a person experiences during this season.

To keep one hale and healthy during this season one should resort to the special spices and herbs that are readily available in the Indian kitchens. These herbs and spices can be had in the form of kadha or herbal decoction that will rejuvenate our mind and body and raise the immunity level of the body and thus keep us healthy.

Kadha is a herbal drink, wherein several herbs and spices are boiled in water for a long time in order to extract all their goodness to make a drink. The choice of herbs, however, depends on the ailment you are suffering from. While the taste of kadha doesn’t really please taste buds, it surely comes handy, especially during monsoon season.

Kadha uses various kitchen ingredients like cardamom, cloves, jeera, ginger, liquorice, tulsihoney and jaggery among others.

Here are two amazing monsoon special kadhas suggested to be had this monsoon.

  • Giloy Kadha: It is herbal drink made with giloy (Guduchi/Tinospora cordifolia), which has an inherent property to cure all types of fever. Giloy Kadha boosts immunity and helps increase the platelets too.
  • Tulsi-Giloy Kadha: Tulsi(basil) and giloy are a wonderful combination for preparing a special ayurvedic concoction for boosting immunity, especially to prevent fever and cold. This Kadha is beneficial even in the cases where fever keeps reoccurring.

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