Few tips for wellness

Your journey to wellness is not about a few visits to a wellness resort, it is an everyday affair. Simple, routine measures can go a long way. Here are a few tips:

– Spend 20 minutes in the sun every morning. This helps in staying energetic through
the day, and nurture stronger bones.
– Dip your feet in hot water before going to bed in order to relax your muscles, and release the day’s tension.
– Keep your mobile phone away from the bed to block radiations and help your mind unwind.
– Resort to sleep-based guided meditation that is easily available on YouTube, and sleep quickly and deeply at night.
– Spritz two to three drops of lavender or jasmine essential oil on your pillowcase. These soothing scents relax the mind and enhance the quality of sleep.
– Fast once a week to help your body detox, and experience renewed energy and enthusiasm.
– If you are doing a desk job, get up and stretch every couple of hours to improve your work efficiency and keep backaches at bay.
– Give yourself a quick head massage just before you hit the hay. Simply use your finger tips and move them in a slight circular motion across your head. This will promote blood circulation and help your mind unwind.
– When you put your alarm on snooze in the morning, sit up and utilise those 5-10 minutes to meditate. Keep your eyes closed and focus on your thoughts in order to wake up to a calm mind and body, and see noticeable improvement in your concentration throughout the day.
– A power nap during the day poses similar benefits and enhances performance.

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