Drink Barley water, feel light

Losing weight is a constant battle for all especially among those who find it hard to give up processed and junk foods.  Reducing weight is not a cake-walk, and can at times get little strenuous too. It requires one to follow strict fitness regimes and eat healthy. However, there are some natural stimulators that can be teamed with exercise and diet. This can easily help you cut down that stubborn flab that is worrying you for long. One of the best stimulators is Barley water. This is rich in fibre and is generally served as a substitute to rice. Barely is considered under the category of whole grains like oats and whole wheat that are also weight losers. Most nutritionists vouch for a glassful of Barley water for effective weight loss. Let’s find out how helpful this is.

Health Benefits of Barely

This helps to reduce cholesterol in the body due to its rich content of beta glucan. Regular consumption of Barley helps to flush out toxins from the body and the intestines through the urinary tract. It is a diuretic and so is a natural remedy for urinary tract infections and kidney stones. Barley water is also known to promote weight loss as it regulates the blood sugar level because of its low glycaemic index properties. It also detoxifies our body and cleanses the gut, thus keeps our body healthy.

Here’s how Barley water helps lose weight efficiently:

  1. Keeps your tummy full

Since Barley is packed with fibre, it generally tends to keep your stomach full for a long period of time. This will keep you away from unhealthy snacking and bingeing on junk food. Barley water thus means a fuller tummy and less cravings.

  1. Ensures good digestion

The fibre content in Barley water ensures good digestion by promoting smooth bowel movement and thus cleanses the digestive system. Thus, by keeping your digestion strong, Barely water helps in weight loss. It also improves stomach disorders like constipation or diarrhoea by acting as a digestive tonic.

  1. Calorie count

When Barley is soaked in water and strained, its calorie content automatically drops down. So, a glassful of Barley water instead of Colas and fizzy drinks can do wonders to your body.

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