Don’t drink milk after eating watermelon

The demand for thirst- quenching fruits and drinks goes up during summer. One such fruit that can keep you hydrated for a long time is the water melon. According to nutritionists, this fruit is very juicy and 95% of it is full of water and so it is the perfect fruit for summer. It can be had in different combinations during summer to keep one hydrated and energized. The fibre packed in this fruit is also known to help in healthy weight loss too. Thus, it can be considered as one of the most healthy member of one’s summer diet. But before indulging into this fruit let us understand why it is so wrong to pair it up with milk and what are the adverse effects of this combination. According to many nutritionists, though both are a treasure trove of nutrients, teaming them up is generally a very bad idea.

  • According to Ayurveda, water melon and milk are incompatible foods or ‘viruddh‘ in nature. While the melon is slightly citrusy, the milk is sweet or ‘madhur‘ in nature. Combining the two can lead to digestive issues and toxic build- up, which could further lead to vomiting or loose motion.
  • Another factor is that water melon is a fruit filled with liquid and hence it is rather loaded. The very high fluid intake in this fruit makes it very heavy for the tummy. So, to have milk or any other fluid after eating this melon would further increase the fluid content and thus leave the stomach very heavy.

So go ahead and eat a lot of this fruit this season. However, but avoid incompatible combinations.

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