Disciplined and orderly regimens fetch robust health and healing, considerably enhancing quality of life

By O.J.George


There should be a method even in this bad, mad and savage world of ours¸ which calls for discipline and order the way one wants to live a pleasant and tranquil life. A little bit of care, vigil and attention to even small details, avoiding fast and turbulent life ignoring the safe pace of activities, would pave the way for goodness leading to a healthy life, with longevity as added attraction.

Ayurveda has fixed regimen for everything from eating, walking, bathing, sleeping and the like.

Sages of yore had prescriptions for every activity of life so that people would enjoy health and happiness. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, they say. Likewise, achievement of robust health and longevity depends on the way one can proceed with a modicum of discipline and decorum.

How even sexual activities should go about for begetting healthy children are mentioned in the sacred texts of Ayurveda. Man and woman should lead keenly focused way of life from birth to death so as to be successful. Human body is not made of iron or steel, but it incorporates all sorts of organs in the frail structure which should be well-healed and maintained properly so that undesirable results do not creep in.

I have seen people leading disciplined, methodical life and then enjoying near-perfect health. I have also come across a lot of people who don’t care or worry a wee bit about orderly life. They proceed with life, without tending to the niceties of any kind of control or regimen so much so that they aspire to pull on anticipating life on earth as something of an automatic process. They hope to achieve fullness of life, without undergoing restraint, which often is well-nigh impossible. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, which is true of the maintenance of life. If one is careful, the results would be affable, otherwise dreadful. Why one should waste away precious life indulging in unmitigated pleasures?

I remember the late Chief Minister C. Achutha Menon’s reaction after he suffered some problems of the heart. He had disclosed that during his youthful life he had played football and performed solid exercise, then how he contracted heart disease was the moot-question.

From my own experience, it can be surmised that sports and games activities and vigorous exercises done years ago would not prevent onset of grievous ailments. The exercise and rejuvenation activities should be ensured to continue, though in a little slower pace as one gets older. Which means one should not bank on leading a disciplined life decades ago, but continue to invigorate the  body, including bones, muscles and nerves as also cleanse the mind.

Impurities striking the body and mind would cajole the systems to wither away. Strive to achieve a sense of  balance in physical and mental occupations so that pulling on with life would be smoother. That Is the process of achieving equilibrium, providing healing and harmony. Each individual is taken care of considering a variety of situations which call for a different approach. Treatments are prescribed as something of custom-made procedures to deal with specific health issues. The main protocol would be to instil in the mind a feeling of oneness with nature, which is friendly, and if one goes against the natural traits, the result would be frightful.

Everyone would fly away from this mortal world, and the end comes in different ways, either malignant or ostensibly- benevolent processes would descend down each individual to snuff out the breath for good. There can be no way to prevent the cocksure stage, of lamentations as one flies off. But there can be a lot of respite for the body and the mind during life on earth if one practices methodical procedures.

In sum, the alternative system of medicine definitely helps in improving the quality of life. Immunity boosting, holistic well-being, stress busting and purifying by eliminating various toxins etc are the hallmarks of the ancient system of dealing with medical conditions afflicting human kind.

It is only comparatively recently that modern medicine protocols have evolved, and until then people were resorting to Ayurveda and related holistic systems only.

An individual is born with a specific constitution which more or less remains the same even as internal, external and environmental factors add their influence causing profound impact. Seasonal changes, diet, life-style choices and following up with prescribed regimen provide immense consequences which help to prevent ailments. The system enables one to either eradicate or monumentally alter the root of the causative factors.

Once I had an occasion to visit an ailing old-aged person, who had suffered a stroke. He was explaining in simple terms that everyone has a vehicle to proceed to the other world, and his prevalent condition was the exact vehicle. But his family members had seen to it that he was getting Ayurvedic treatment like panchakarma. Within a few months he was able to walk and pull on with his life fruitfully. By then his eldest son had breathed his last owing to heart problems. Nothing works like obstinate assuredness to deal with various medical conditions, all the same one can overcome most of the nagging ailments by following the discipline and decorum in the form of various prescriptions offered by sages of yore to deal with unpleasant physical, mental and spiritual conditions

I had dealt with the unpleasant situation of a member of the family falling down after suffering stroke. He was immediately taken to the neurologist who administered an injection of specified medicine and imparting physiotherapy for a few days. The neurologist himself had advised us to take him to the Ayurveda specialist who offers panchakarma treatment. That was done for two weeks and he could fend for himself even as he had disability in one portion of his body. He used to eat using a spoon with his left hand and survived for more than two decades. This system is definitely a God-given  tool to ameliorate  variegated sufferings of people.

I am also witness to the alleviation of pain of the muscles, joints etc when oils and ablutions prescribed for panchakarma are used by the suffering people.

Let there be a lot of application of the alternative streams of medicine in situations where other methods have resulted in failure.




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