Curd is not always healthy!

We all love curd and to slice out a piece of the white jelly-like mass and place it into our mouth might feel heavenly. But before we binge on this food we need to be aware that it is not healthy to have this food always and especially during the monsoons. This fermented food too is not good all the time.  Here, Ayurveda expert, Dr. Jobby George, shares with us how we can have curd in a healthy manner.

During monsoons, the outside downpour provides a good breeding ground for germs and hence, care should be taken about what goes into the mouth. Germs can weaken our digestive power and can cause us various diseases like food poisoning, jaundice, diarrhea etc. during this season.

Monsoons are also a time when the vata aggravates and the pitta gets stored (which when accumulated can get aggravated in the next season). Hence all types of swellings, aches and pains that had subsided begin to show up.

So, during the monsoons what we eat is as important as how we eat.

Even though curd is traditionally known to be healthy and exciting to the taste buds, Karkidaka month is the wrong time for relishing this food.

Properties of Curd

According to Ayurveda, curd is guru (slow and heavy to digest), grahi (sluggish and absorbent). It has a sour taste and is ushna (heats the body). It’s vipaka (end product) is sour and acidic to the body. Hence, it can cause troubles to a person having acidity, swelling, aches and pains, skin issues, asthma, obesity, allergies etc.

It is also a great probiotic, good appetizer and rich in Ca, Vit B2 and Vit B12. It is good for problems like, Osteoarthritis, dysentery and diarrhoea. Curd increases kapha and pitta doshas and curd taken directly from refrigerators aggravates more problems.

The incompatible combinations of curd are:-

  • Curd + milk
  • Curds + fruits
  • Curd+ non-veg
  • Curd in the early morning and night
  • Curd + lemon

How to have curd during monsoons?

Curd –  ½ cup

Ginger – ½ inch

Green chilli – as per taste

Small onion (shallots) – 1

Rock salt – per taste

Curry leaves – few


Mix and churn together curd in a mixie jar for few minutes until the fat floats and accumulates on the top. Slice away this fat from top. To the remaining liquid add water that is four times the measure of curd and mix it together. To this add the minced or crushed shallots, green chilli, ginger, curry leaves and rock salt and mix again. This can be topped with a few crushed mint leaves. Now your curd is ready to be had during the monsoons. You can drink it as it is or strain it and use.


This drink is great for lowering cholesterol, reducing fat in the body, increasing appetite and a good calcium supplement. It is good to keep the agni in the body strong during the monsoon months. It is also good for children as it aids in the growth of their bones. It can be taken in-between meals and is a healthy alternative to evening tea or coffee.

Dr. Jobby George (BAMS)



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