Children addicted to Digital Gaming

We should keep in mind to avoid giving crying children our mobiles and consoling them by directing their attention to gaming.

Children getting addicted to the cyber world is very similar to people getting addicted to drugs. By cyber world we mean online games, social media, mobile phone and the like. A child becomes a slave to the cyber world when he forgets his duties of home, school, society and other surroundings for the cyber world. This is bound to cause problems in their private life, studies and surroundings.

Searching the net for happiness

The dopamine hormone, which is a chemical found in the brain, is the reason behind the happiness of every individual. Whenever we do something that makes us happy the level of dopamine in brain increases. This can be because of the use of intoxicants, going for a trip with friends or while happily playing games. This is the kind of joy got by indulging in these activities. When there is an increase in tension in children, they succumb to the net as a way of running away from problems for fear of facing them. The tensions can be caused due to a tough subject, from home or from the surroundings. This is how children later get addicted to the cyber world. Children with different learning disabilities too thus become slaves to the cyber world. These children get addicted and drown themselves in online games, social media and friendly chat on the net with strangers. The main reason that drives them to the cyber world is when they feel they are not getting the appreciation and recognition from close people. They think that they can get all these from the internet. Some of the reasons behind why children become slaves to this kind of gaming include: no open and sincere relationships with parents, not being mentally sound, insecurity in families, singled out feeling, low social relations, separation among parents. Another factor that causes this kind of addiction among children is due to the parenting style that is followed. Parents that discipline their children too much will find it difficult to say an assertive ‘No’ to them. Thus, children brought up in this manner, parents who neglect their children completely are the ones who are most probable to get involved in dangerous and addictive online gaming activities.

What parents should do

  • Parents should understand even the minutest change in children. Everyday try to spend some quality time with them. Children should feel secure that their parents are with them always.
  • Children should grow up with the thought that their parents are always with them to listen to all their problems. They should feel that they can openly talk anything to their parents. This kind of thoughts should be developed in children from their young age itself.
  • Parents should be able to understand all activities of children like, sudden changes in their behavior, tiredness, bruises on the body, excessive fear, unnatural behaviours, loss of appetite, studying less, more time spent on computer and television. Thus children should be given the appropriate care. Children should be taught and made to understand that there is solution to all problems and if needed counseling can be sought.
  • Both parents and teachers should be aware of the evils of the cyber world and make children aware of this at every stage.
  • As part of the syllabus at school, children should be given training on life skills.
  • Parents should keep in mind to avoid giving mobiles to crying children and consoling them by directing their attention to gaming.
  • Children should be motivated to indulge in physical activities. They should be discouraged from living in closed doors and be encouraged to play with friends. It is not a problem if they have to be in the harsh light of the sun for some time.
  • Parents should confiscate mobile phones from children at night. They should be allowed to use them for sometime during the day.

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