Can you hear it right?

Now-a-days many people face hearing loss even during a young age. Proper and sound hearing is essential for a healthy living. If you are suffering from lack or loss of hearing, chances are that you are missing out on life itself. Therefore, it is imperative that you undergo treatments in case you are suffering from any kind of hearing ailment.

To prevent various kinds of hearing disorder it is good to apply two drops of gingelly oil in each ear for cleaning. Regular cleaning will help prevent hearing loss. Medicinal smoke can be applied to the ears to control the loss of hearing. There are remedies for hearing loss faced by elderly people due to damage to nerves. For them, various oils can be applied, including vilwam karaskadi, karaskadi coconut oil, and oils mixed with devatharam. Bael is very effective for diseases related to the ear. To prevent hearing loss, oil made put of Bael leaves can be applied to the head.

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