Who in the world do not feel joy while holding a baby! Today’s parents crave for more number of children in spite of already having a countable few.  This is just because a Baby means “JOY” to every parent and those who are unlucky to experience this joy are often disappointed in life. Statistics show that the rate of infertility has increased lately  and so has the number of infertility clinics. Through this article Dr. Jobby George explains to our readers on how infertility can be managed with Ayurveda.


Infertility is a problem that affects a couple in many ways. Some of the many negative issues of infertility are – high cost of infertility treatments and nil or negligent insurance coverage. Also, some couples are against adoption due to all the legal hassles associated with it. Another few are reluctant to visit infertility clinics for fear of their sperm or ovum being swapped with someone else’s or for fear that their child will contract some disorders due to errors that can occur in the treatment process. On the other hand, surrogation also brings with it the fear of emotional attachment and many give up hope after the countless failed trials of  procedures like ART, IVF and ICS. Depression begins to well up in these couples who fail to conceive and blame talk from friends and relatives decrease their productivity further. Today, couples are also seen to lack all the pleasure and love involved in making love as it has just become a mechanical act for baby production.


The male and female reproductive systems comprise  many organs, ducts and hormones that work together for fertility to be successful. Hence, obstruction in any of these organs or hormones can lead to infertility. We need to understand that each of the many infertility problems are associated with medical terms like – PCOD, tube blockage, low sperm count, etc.

Let’s discuss how these medical conditions ever happen:-

  1. It is understood that when a girl child reaches puberty very few parents keep a check on their child’s monthly cycles. Parents usually take note of this only after the child complains of severe pain or excess bleeding. This is considered as one of the earliest reasons for infertility.
  2. Similarly, in boys, hoarseness of voice and formation of facial and pubic hairs should be monitored by parents and any defect should be noted and corrected immediately.
  3. Obesity and low weight leads to hormonal imbalance and this also needs correction as early as possible.
  4. Depression due to different reasons can lead to infertility. Some of the reasons for infertility due to depression are –
  5. Tension between husband and wife, daughter-in-law and mother-in-law.
  6. Loss of a loved one.
  7. Where career or a child becomes a question.
  8. Fears and expectations from family and society.
  9. Deliberate and repeated abortions.
  10. Late marriages or late family planning.
  11. Preponing or postponing monthly cycles by medication.
  12. Not taking ample rest and nutrition during periods.
  13. Constant use of pills, drugs and alcohol.
  14. Incorrect ways of trying to keep oneself slim
  15. More Intake of seedless and hybrid fruits and vegetables and meat into which chemicals are induced
  16. Less or untimely sleep
  17. Habit of holding back natural urges like the need to urinate, eliminate flatulence and stool for a long time.
  18. Regularly eating from restaurants where taste makers, artificial colours and flavours are used.
  19. Having the wrong combination of food at home or outside.
  20. Men working in hot temperatures.
  21. Any physical or mental illness
  22. Lack of physical activities.
  23. Parents with ill-health due to carelessness can pass on their bad genes to their children. This in the future generation can lead to Infertility. (This is the reason why preconception care is given a lot of importance in Ayurveda.)


Modern Ayurveda researchers in Kerala, India, have found that an average 70 per cent  of infertility cases are successfully treated with Ayurvedic treatments just by correcting the body conditions. The quality of ovum and sperm is improved and healthy babies are conceived. Cases of fertility are recorded with just Yoga and simple medications. Complicated cases are handled with Panchakarma-Uttaravasti and rejuvinative treatments like in IP levels. Even couples who opt for IUI, IVF like procedures are advised to initially consider an Ayurvedic treatment so as to get a faster and healthier result. Whatever be the case, the first line of management is to avoid the causes  mentioned above, live a  correct and disciplined life style, and experience joy!

Dr. Jobby George

Chief Physician,       

Punargeny Ayurveda,

Cochin, Kerala,India


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