AYUSH Ministry proposes Ayurveda therapies to reduce sports injuries

The proposal seeks to further explore the previously- unexplored uses and benefits of Ayurveda, especially its preventive and curative aspects.

As per the proposal, a plan was drawn up by the All India Institute of Ayurveda Director, Dr Tanuja Nesari. The plan explains about how Ayurveda can be used to give support to sports persons, with special emphasis on three major domains – preventive, promotive and curative.

“There have been attempts to promote Ayurveda in different fields at the state level. But at the Central level, it is the first time that the government is proposing to take alternative medicines to sportspersons.” Dr Nesari told news channel.

The proposal spells out a few ways through which Ayurveda can be used to prevent almost half the preventable sports injuries. It says ‘Dincharya’ (daily regime), ‘Ratricharya’ (night regime), ‘Ritucharya’ (seasonal regimes), ‘Acharya Rasayana’ (ethics and morals), ‘Sadvritta’ (codes of conduct), ‘Trayopasthambha’ (three sub-pillars of life), ‘Rasayana’ (rejuvenating therapies), Yoga and ‘Pranayama’ are some of the Ayurvedic ways that can be adopted by sports persons.

Ayurveda in sports medicine also covers areas like, bio mechanic, orthopaedics, strength and conditioning and sports-psychology methods of rehabilitation. According to the proposal, in ancient times, natural and bio enhancers were widely used by Indian warriors to improve their performance during war and from getting tired easily.
The plan also mentions Ayurvedic ‘Mahakashaya’ decoctions for target-specific objectives such as ‘Brimhaneeya Dashaimani’ (helps to build muscle), ‘Jeevaneeya Dasaimani’ (helps vitalize), ‘Balakara Dasaimani’ (promoting strength), and Sramahara Dasaimani (Promoting cheer). These natural concoctions are said to have components that can enhance the performance level of an individual.

Ayurvedic principles of ‘Marmabhighata'(injuries to vital areas), which could play a role in managing sports injuries and pain, Panchakarma (five purificatory therapies) for wear and tear management were also proposed. Utilization of ‘Upanaha’ (therapeutic poultices) and ‘Pichu’ (therapeutic tampon) were suggested.

“Agnikarma therapeutic cauterization and Raktomoshkhana (Therapeutic blood-letting) are also proved to have instant relief in pain management. Jaloukavacharna (leech therapy) exert directly anti-inflammatory and pain killing effects through the components of leech saliva.” the proposal said.

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