Ayurvedic monsoon regimen

While monsoon is much-awaited for the relief that the showers bring after the hot dry summer heat, the season can also bring unending woes for your general health and well-being. The increase in humidity, grime and pollution intensifies your skin, hair and systemic woes. Below are some ayurvedic monsoon regimens that can be put to good use to remain healthy this monsoon.

  1. ‘Chavittithirummal’ – A special technique of massage by foot pressure using long, flowing but controlled strokes over the entire body that generally gives a rejuvenated feeling
    2. ‘Oushadhakanji’ – Special porridge recipe using herbal combinations which have detox effect
    3. ‘Ariyaaru’ – A combination of six herbal seeds which have been used as a single preventive remedy for all common ailments by the farmer folk of Kerala
    4. ‘Dashapushpam’ – A group of ten common herbs considered auspicious due to their medicinal value
    5. ‘Marma chikitsa’ – A form of manipulative external therapy which uses vital points and trigger point mechanism to treat musculoskeletal conditions

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