In Ayurveda, there is no exact clinical entity mentioned in samhitas like Osteoporosis but it can be correlated to Asthikshaya, Asthisaushirya Asthikshaya

Osteoporosis is an important ailment commonly overlooked by clinicians. Being usually asymptomatic, it is also called as a “silent killer disease”. Patients are usually unaware of their disease until fracture occurs. Patient lands up in a hospital after an unexpected fracture. Osteoporosis under Asthisaushirya & Asthikshaya is discussed below:-

  • Nidan Parivarjana: Avoidance of factors that aggravating Asthikshyaya i.e. vatakara aharvihar & ativyayam. According to modern science, factors aggravating Osteoporosis should be avoided eg. Smoking, alcohol, sedentary lifestyle, exercise, poor diet etc.
  • Abhyantar Chikitsa: The following herbs are useful in strengthen the bones & also useful in fractures. Asthishrikhanla (Cissusquadrangularis)- 13 One of the synonyms of Asthishrinkhala is “Asthiyuka” which means it helps in maintaining the conjugation of Asthidhatu. It contains calcium oxalate as chemical constituent.
  1. A) Ashwagandha- (Withania somnifera): Ashwagandha is useful in kshyayavastha by itsBalya and Rasayana property. Thus it is beneficial in Asthikshaya.
  2. B) Arjuna (Terminalia Arjuna): It is useful in fractures by its ‘Sandhaniya’property.
  3. C) Gandha Tailam- Gandha Tailam is kalpa described by Vagabhatacharya in the treatment of Asthibhagna. It is used in the form of abhyantarapana, nasya. It is useful in strengthens the bones.Thus it will be beneficial in prevention of Osteoporosis.
  • Panchakarma Upakramas:
  1. A) Basti Chikitsa- Basti is one of the best shodhana chikitsa of Vatadosha. Basti acts on Asthivaha & Majjavahasrotas. Thus, Basti plays an important role in strengthen the bones and act as preventive measures for Osteoporosis.
  2. B) Matra Basti- Charakacharya described in Sidhhisthana , Matrabasti is the most useful in Vataja Vikara & Bhagna Vikara.
  3. C) Other Upakrama- In Asthibhagna Bandhana, Sechana, Lepana, Nasya, Abhyanga, are also useful. In acute pain of Asthivikara, Sechana (Taila dhara), Bandhana, Vedhana karma, Raktamokshana plays important role to reduce the pains. Sechana is done by vataghna sidha tailam, Nyagrodhadi kshayam. Lakshyasidhha dugdha is taken internally for strengthen the bones.

PATHYAPATHYA- The most important factor for preventing osteoporosis is Diet. The food that you eat can affect your bones. The sedentary lifestyle effects on your bones. Eating foods with a lot of salt causes to lose calcium can lead to bone mass loss. So avoid the junk foods, salty diet for healthy bones.

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