ASTHMA -A Difficult but Curable Disease By Acharya Balkrishna

Asthma is a psychosomatic disease with prevalence of approximately 1.5 to 2.0 crore patients in India. According to Ayurveda, asthma is known as Tamak Swash and caused by stomach problems. When food is not digested properly then toxic juices are emitted in the rectum which may hamper the breathing process. As a result, breathing gets disturbed which causes asthma. Consistent coughs and colds can be attributed as the symptoms of Asthma. This is a genetic disease which passes through generations, makes you more prone if you have a family history. Environmental conditions and some types of illnesses can also be the cause for asthma.



Difficulty in breathing, heaviness in the chest, bloated stomach, anxiety and nervousness in the entire body, cold, cough, weakness, short breathing intervals, are a few of the symptoms of asthma. Asthma cannot be cured only by a single therapeutic treatment so the patient needs to follow different therapeutic treatments. One should take organic food and undergo Yoga therapy, one should also follow some principles of naturopathy and Ayurveda therapy. In such ideal cases, we can assuredly say that ‘Asthma is completely curable’.


Primary treatment:

  • Asthma patients should start the day by cleaning their bowel (Virechana) for which fasting is a very good option. One should also follow a strict routine of doing breathing process (Pranayama) in the morning.
  • After fasting for 1-2 days, gradually move to a liquid or fruit diet. Light diet should be taken in which only thick wheat Rotis with wheat bran mixed with bottle gourd (Lauki).
  • Hip bath, a warm feet bath and chest paste gives a lot of relief in Asthma.
  • During an asthmatic attack, hot feet bath gives immediate relief.
  • We should try to take the evening meal before Sunset.
  • Lukewarm water should be consumed with meals.
  • Asthma patients should immediately leave addictive substances such as tobacco, cigarette, pan masala, zarda, etc.
  • Honey should be taken in place of sugar.
  • Asthma patients should definitely go for a walk in the morning. While walking deep breathing should be practiced.
  • During anxiety, the asthma patient coughs a lot then kunjal should be taken with lukewarm water to which a little salt should be added. This helps in decreasing the cough giving immediate and appropriate relief.


Yogic remedies:

If the asthmatic patient is able to do yoga and Pranayam, then Tadasan, Katichakrasan, Sarvangasan, Chakrasan, Bhujangasan, Dhanurasan, Brajrasan, Ustrasan, goumukhasan, Ardhamatsyedrasan, Matsyasan, and Savasan are useful. The time duration for doing Yoga and Pranayam should be increased eventually when the stamina and strength increases overtime with practice. Pranayam, Kpalbhati, Bhsastrika and Suryabhedi should be practiced and Savasan should definitely be done for half an hour. The more the body is calmed and relaxed, the faster the disease will be cured.

Asthmatic patients should exercise kunjal, jalneti, mutraneti, and vastradhoti with empty stomach in the morning. However, the above processes should be practiced by the Asthma patient only after proper instructions from a person who is well- versed with Yoga so that the benefits are obtained without causing any harm.



In this disease, utmost attention should be given to the diet. One may make a few adjustments in therapies suiting one’s preference, however, one should not compromise on diet. The patient should have an intake of cough-free food for lung-related diseases. It is necessary to follow a strict diet routine for atleast 5-6 months.

  • At 7 am, take lemon juice and honey with warm water.
  • At 9 am, take kismis (raisins), munakka (not for diabetic patients), 5 armloads, 2 walnuts, 6 tea spoon sprouts (Moong and Black Gram) and anjeer (dried figs) which have been soaked in water during the night. Take this for breakfast with a cup of ginger, black pepper, long pepper and cardamom tea.
  • At 11.30 am, drink any fruit juice or vegetable soup.
  • At 1.30 pm, take fruits, then vegetable soup or salad and boiled vegetables.
  • At 4 pm, take fruit juice (apple, papayaor any seasonal fruits). Do not take cold or sour fruits.
  • At 7.00 pm, take vegetable soup with any fruit.
  • At 8.30 pm, take a cup of ginger, long pepper and cardamom tea.


If the patient follows this diet for 1-2 months, a lot of relief can be attained.


  • After this for 3-4 months, take vegetables and chapatti (with wheat bran and saag) and salad every afternoon. For the rest of the time, the above mentioned food routine should be followed.
  • Curd is to be avoided in this disease. Potatoes should be taken with other vegetables in soup. Do not eat colocassia (arbi), potato, lady finger, cauliflower and cabbage or any food stuff made from refined flour.
  • Take mixed vegetable soups to which tomato and lady’s finger can be added and at other times take Bengal gram (KaleChana) soup.
  • After four weeks following this routine, leave chapatti and spend one whole week without it.
  • Pay special attention before going to bed at night. Do not sleep in a closed or isolated room.
  • Do not sleep with face and head covered. Wear loose clothes while hitting the bed at night. Keep feet warm at all times. Sleep on your right or left as per your preference. Sleeping on the left -side will be better.
  • Do not sleep during the day time



  • If there is a normal respiratory problem then grate and grind suhagaphool and mulathi Mix equal quantities of these two powders and keep this in a bottle. Take half to one spoon of this powder with honey or warm water 2-3 times daily. For children give one ratio or a little more, according to the age. Do not take cold items such as curd, ice etc. Avoid eating banana and rice.
  • For children above one year of age who suffers from Asthma: Grind five leaves of tulsi and give with a little honey during morning and evening as per the requirement for 3-4 weeks. For children below the age of  one year, mix juice of tulsi leaves with two drops of honey and let the childlick it twice a day. Apart from Asthma this will help in curing a number of respiratory related diseases in children.
  • In ‘kalai’ utensils, soak 3 anjeers (dried figs) for 24 hours. In the morning, boil the anjeer in the same water. Chew them well and eat them and also drink up all the water. This gives special benefits to Asthma patients. Before sunrise, complete your excretion and take a bath, sit in front of the rising Sun and do the Pranayam with deep breathing 10-15 times. This kriya should be formed for some months regularly to get benefits. It is advisable not to expect results if the exercise is done for a few days.
  • Roast turmeric in sand and grind it. Take ¼ spoon of this powder with hot water.
  • Boil four spoons methi (fenugreek) in a glass of water. Strain and drink it.
  • Take powder of the bark Harsingar (night jasmine) in betel leaf and have this for immediate relief from asthma.
  • Take four cloves, four black peppers, and four leaves of tulsi and make a paste. Have this daily.
  • Boil 5gm mulathi, one spoon ghee, 5 gm misri, and half spoon rock salt in one cup of water and consume it daily.
  • Mix 5 gm of Honey, adusa and ginger juice and take after every three hours for some days.
  • Mix one cup each of turnip juice, carrot juice and cabbage juice and drink this for a few days. This is nourishing medicine for asthma patients.


The author is an exponent of Ayurveda and an eminent botanist. He is also the co-founder of PatanjaliYogpeeth.


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