Article Submission

Article SubmissionThank you for the interest you have taken in writing for Ayurveda Magazine. We would like to reiterate some of the basic guidelines, which you already follow, to ensure excellence in the works given.

  1. Kindly review our magazine issues for the type of subjects. We are currently accepting articles on the following topics- Education, research, latest trends, current status, chronic diseases, their treatments, diets, herbs, medicines etc. Also are included yoga, meditation and holistic healing. Puzzles, fiction, poetry and other columns shall not be accepted at this stage.
  2. We hope the writings be clear, precise and unbiased and not propagandas of personal views. Informative and interesting works will be of utmost importance. Catchy titles are most welcome.
  3. Facts, figures, case studies, statistics and other vital information could be used. Providing charts, grids, to do lists, pictures (300 dpi in tif or jpeg format) and other comprehensible data too can be included. Photos/ pictures or graphic if provided should have copyright to ensure that the material is available for publication. We would also appreciate if the article is proofread before sending, to avoid errors of any kind.
  4. When Indian/Asian celebrities are mentioned make sure a description about them is given as a western reader may not be acquainted with them.
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