12th European Congress for Integrative Medicine: “The Future of Comprehensive Patient Care”

The influence of Integrative Medicine is increasing all over the world, with health professionals and patients are looking for an overall wellness. This allows an array of disciplines, including environmental, social, psychological and emotional to work together.

Keeping this in mind, the SESMI (Spanish Society of Health and Integrative Medicine) and ESIM (European Society of Integrative Medicine) have organized the 12th Congress of Integrative Medicine which was celebrated in Barcelona from 13 -15 September 2019. The main approach of the congress was on Integrative Medicine.

This is the XII European Congress of the European Society of Integrative Medicine and the II of the Spanish Society of Health and Integrative Medicine. In addition, the congress collaborated with the British Medical Acupuncture Society and ties with the Japanese Society of Integrative Medicine was strengthened.

The congress took place at Hotel Barceló Sants, and the main focus was on Research, Clinical Assistance, Education, Integrative Medicine and Traditional Medicine and Biological and Complementary Practices among others.

Integrative Medicine is a meeting point between conventional medicine and that which represents and uses complementary and natural techniques, focusing the process on people and delving into their well-being and preventive practices.

This congress thus set a space for the study and deepening of Integrative Medicine among the professionals who practice it, both in Europe and around the world, and also a space for debate, a debate that includes users with their needs and demands for the current systems of health.

The sponsors of the event were divided into Gold, Silver, Bronze and other sponsors categories.

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